Awesome Series: 7+ YouTube Originals series that are as good as the TV channels

We know and accept that YouTube is now a much more serious platform for these issues. Check out this quality video content produced for YouTube Originals!

Are there any good YouTube Originals? YES!

What is the YouTube Originals series? Are you looking for the answer to this question? Then you are in the right place and the right content.

If you are tired of advertisements or wandering around watching the same things, this list will make you very happy.

You ask why? Because we hope that these productions ranging from animation to documentaries, from science fiction to comedy, will not look like television series for you. If you’re ready, let’s move on to the list. 

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1. Best Shot


Best Shot, which collaborates with the NBA and whose creators include LeBron James, tells the highly competitive lives of the 2017-2018 ‘Newark Central High School’ basketball team in a documentary style. 

2. BTS: Burn the Stage


The documentary of the K-pop group ‘BTS,’ which ravaged everyone from seven to seventy with their worldwide tour, tells the group members’ lives by combining timely behind-the-scenes footage. 

3. Impulse


Impulse, scoring 7.4 on IMDB, tells about a young woman realizing herself, or rather, an extraordinary power. Impulse, which finds itself a place among the action, science-fiction genre, is among the “YouTube Originals” productions that stand out with its cinematography and even win awards in this field. 

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The undoubted stars of the pandemic era were TV series and movies. Again, we have prepared a great list for those who think what to watch while sitting at home.

4. Sherwood


Sherwood, which you can watch at once with its twenty-two-minute short snack episodes, is the series that will delight animation lovers. Sherwood by Toybox and Giant Animation follows a young “hacker” joining a fugitive group and their struggle with a mad Sheriff. 

5. Mind Field


Mind Field, where Michael Stevens, who has known and loved many people since 2010, is immersed in different mysteries in each episode, is among the productions that will attract the attention of “Jackass” style movie/series lovers with its crazy narrative tone. 

6. Origin


Origin, another science fiction series on the list, is about the survival adventure of a group of people who do not know each other and are traveling to a distant planet. Origin, one of The Crown’s producers, has a great visual feast and cinematography.

7. Wayne


This action-comedy series, which is about the story of Wayne, who was just 16 years old from Boston to Florida to get back his father’s stolen car on a motorcycle with his new friend Del, scored 8.4 points on IMDB.

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