The golden age of the series: 11 digital platform series with good IMDb points

So, among all the new works published on digital platforms, what are the most preferred series in 2021 and high IMDb scores?
11 web dramas with a good IMDb score
11 web dramas with a good IMDb score

With the pandemic’s effect, TV series fans consume the recommended content very quickly, and it is inevitable to add new ones. Recently, we have brought together the most-watched and most popular 11 TV series with IMDb scores.

We hope you to read our content in which you will find thriller, mystery, detective, technology, history, drama and many other TV series.

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1- Carnival Row – IMDb 7.9

1- Carnival Row - IMDb 7.9

Rene Echeverria, who is also in the cast of The 4400, which Guillermo del Toro is in the production of, is a series that is set in the future and is written on Carnival Row, a fantastic show. The whole story of the series occurs in the city called Burgue, where people and all kinds of beings live together.

Orlando Bloom and Cara Delevigne star.

2. The Stranger – IMDb 7.3

2. The Stranger - IMDb 7.3

The Stranger, a Harlan Coben book adaptation, is about the story of the character named Adam, who struggles to reveal the secrets of the people around him.

Adam Price has an ordinary but happy life with his wife and two children. Sitting at the bar one night, the Stranger says something important about his wife, Corinne. Unable to understand his experiences at first, Adam decides to investigate what was told to him.

3. Sharp Objects – IMDb 8.1

3. Sharp Object - IMDb 8.1

Sharp Object, starring Amy Adams, tells the story of journalist Camille Parker returning to her hometown after years to report on the murder of two young girls in the town where she was a child and trying to uncover her mysteries childhood.

TV series and actors; She received the Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actress in a Series, Mini-Series or Television Movie.

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4. Locke Key – IMDb 7.4

Locke Key

The first season of Locke Key, one of the Netflix original series, is over and the second season has been approved. It tells the story of 3 siblings who returned to their old home in Maine after their father’s death. Children who find some keys inside the house do not yet know that a devil is after these keys and will not stop until they arrive.

5. See

See Jaon

Starring Jason Momoa, See is a dystopian world genre with lots of action scenes. These people, who lost their vision due to a virus affecting the world, live a life far from modern life. The sense of smell of these tribal communities is highly developed, and they are struggling to survive in this brutal world they live in.

6. Tell Me Who I Am – IMDb 7.6

6. Tell Me Who I Am - IMDb 7.6

This Netflix Original documentary-like Tell Me Who I Am, directed by British producer Ed Perkins, is about the story of a young man who lost his memory, finding himself thanks to his twin.

Alex’s twin brother, Marcus, is the only person Alex trusts and supports in this process, who has to start from scratch after his accident. With no memory of his past, Alex relies entirely on Marcus’ account to figure out who he is. But almost all of the stories were happy stories, and Alex was also curious about the sad memories.

7. Upload – IMDb 8.0

7. Upload - IMDb 8.0

Upload is an American Sci-Fi, comedy and drama series from Greg Daniels for Amazon Prime Video. The first season of the series aired on Amazon Prime on May 1, 2020, and the second season was ordered by Amazon immediately after.

Shortly techno age, people can upload themselves to a virtual world after death. When Nathan, a computer programmer, suffers an early death, he gets loaded into a costly virtual world called Lake View by his wealthy girlfriend. Trying to find the pros and cons of the digital world, while trying to understand how he died, completely different events unfold.

8. Hunters – IMDb 7.2


The Hunters, of which Al Pacino is also a member, takes the story of an anti-Nazi group trying to provide justice to the subject’s centre. 

A group of people living in New York City in the 70s discovered high-ranking Nazi supporters who found the 4th Reich lived in a society. Nasi hunters embark on a fierce struggle to stop this bloody plan.

9. The English Game – IMDb 7.6

The English Game

The English Game chronicles the history of football and what happened during England’s development. This 6-episode mini-series was liked by 95% according to Google algorithms. It focuses on the rivalry between football teams. The lower and upper classes were fanatics in England and the story of the developing football in the late 1800s when the class divide was experienced.

10. Kingdom – IMDb 8.4


An important kingdom prevailing in South Korea is under the effect of a virulent epidemic. Moreover, they are threatened with extinction in the face of corruption and hunger. In the Kingdom, we watch a prince trying to save the dynasty and the people from the epidemic waging war against evil.

11. Control Z – IMDb 6.9

Control Z

This production from Latin American Netflix is ​​a technology-focused drama. We have put it on the list, especially for those who love hacking topics. In High School Nacional, a hacker student begins to reveal other friends’ secrets one by one, and social status in high school is turned upside down. While children of wealthy families are subjected to violence, students without social status begin to gain strength.

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